Fun-filled Learning for kids through ABCya

ABCya Games is dubbed as “the best educational platform for kids and teachers”. It was created by public school teacher Alan Tortolani in 2004 with his students in mind. became the online site name of the game as it was a simple handle that can effortlessly memorized and entered by its young users. Right now, apart from its website, ABCya can also be played on mobile devices. Also, it is available in over 150 countries worldwide.

The primary aim of ABCya is “edutainment” which is to educate children whilst capturing their enjoyment. There are abcya educational games that ABCya, as a software, has always considered before and during its continuous development. For one, children usually get uninterested quickly as they generally have a low attention span. The next thing that ABCya considered is that the learning process of kids should be a continuous and everyday process. ABCya reconciled these two realities not just as a mere fact but also as an opportunity. The outcome is a balanced application not only for kids, but also for parents and teachers; essentially educating and capturing the interest of children.

ABCya is not merely a particular game. It is more of a platform where over 250 specially developed games are compiled, making access not only widely available for any of its users, it also allows extensive options for children which aims to avoid one of the glaring difficulties parents and teachers face - boredom. Besides this, ABCya also consistently tries to keep things interesting by always renewing its content every month. The ability to freely choose what children want to play while also helping parents and teachers know what their child or student enjoy are some of the reasons why new games are usually added by ABCya.

Because ABCya combines learning and pleasure, several features that builds it up into a good “edutainment” platform is also included. There are grade level segregation for all its games to make certain age appropriateness of each and every content. There are eight groups in total, starting from pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and lastly, grade 6. The difference in the games per grade is the degree of complicatedness. An instance would be grade 1 games being straightforward in a play style point of view while games from higher grades are certainly more complicated with solving problems matters and even contains quite particular topics like aviary.

Also, of ABCya’s most prominent features is that the games have a very large selection. The games can be knowledge type ones like normal school subjects such as math, science or english, or more creative games like ABCya Animate or ABCya Paint. By dividing it this way, ABCya maintains the plethora of its games, a feature that it always wants to uphold.

As a children’s application, ABCya also counted the significant involvement of both parents and teachers. The beauty of ABCya, however, is how it strives to make learning a fun process and how its young users do not even realize how their knowledge in various subjects is flourishing.